CCTV-1 Focus Interview of Professor Li Chen, Vice President of Beijing Normal University

Professor Li Chen on CCTV

November 30, 2015, Professor Li Chen, Vice President of Beijing Normal University was interviewed in CCTV-1 “Focus Interview”. The CCTV-1 “Focus Interview” is a well-received news program providing in-depth news reports and policy monitoring on national merging issues. This program receives high attention by the party, national leaders, and all sectors of the public audience.

In this interview with Professor Li Chen, it highlighted the importance to the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines as directed by the Central Party Committee (CPC). Under the guidance of the eighteen committee of CPC, a deepening reform, innovation-driven development as the strategic guidelines were introduced. To maintain a strong and stable creativity growth, personnel training and reserves is necessary. The role of education can not be ignored. To improve education and conduct cutting-edge research, the establishment of world-class universities and world-class disciplines is essential. This is a major decision of the Central Committee and State Council.

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