Blended formats in open courses: Exploring Chinese and Foreign collaborative instruction

Thursday May 5th, 2016, 7:00 PM(GMT 8)
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Presenter: Li Yuan; Facilitator: Xibin Han

Li Yuan

Dr. Li Yuan, Senior Research Fellow at University of Bolton and Learning Technology Advisor at Cetis (Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards). She has been involved in the British and European innovative technology research project. She is a member of EU-funded educational technology research and development program, like “TEL-Map”, “LACE” and “RAGE”, and leads the design and implementation of open education resources (OER), online education and educational technology innovation program in multiple British higher education institutions. Her reports, MOOCs and Open Education: implications for higher education and Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable Online Learning in Institutions, provide significant implications for higher education stakeholders and policy-makers in Britain concerning the latest development of MOOCs and open online learning.

Dr. Yuan will address the influence and impact of open online learning, featuring MOOCs, on traditional higher education institutions. Also, based on the blended teaching practices collaboratively administrated by Chinese and British higher education institutions, she will guide us in an explorative tour of theoretical framework, technical support, and pedagogical innovations about open online learning in higher education.

Facilitator: Xibin Han

Xibin Han

Dr. Han is the Associate Research Fellow and Associate Dean of College of Educational Research at Tsinghua University. His research focuses on theory, methodology, and technology speaking to online education, blended pedagogy, and digitized learning environment. He spent 17 years in developing the Tsinghua Education Online (THEOL) which has been widely used in more than 400 institutions in China. Dr. Han is a specialist in the blended teaching program of UNESCO and his contribution has significantly pushed the reform of blended teaching in Chinese higher education institutions forward.

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嘉宾:袁莉 主持人:韩锡斌

2016年5月5日(星期四) 北京时间7:00 PM


袁莉博士,英国博尔顿大学高级研究员及英国国家教育技术与标准中心教育技术顾问。 多年来从事英国和欧洲教育技术创新研究, 参与了大型欧盟资助的教育技术研究和发展项目,如“TEL-Map”, “LACE” and “RAGE” 等等, 并负责策划和实施了英国高校开放教育资源项目及多项在线学习和教育技术创新项目。 她的报告, “MOOCs and Open Education: implications for higher education” 和 “Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable Online Learning in Institutions”, 为英国高校和政策决策者及时了解和把握MOOCs和开放在线学习的发展提供了重要的参考。

本次讲座, 袁莉博士将围绕以MOOC为代表的开放在线学习给高等教育所带来的影响和冲击, 并结合基于开放课程的中英合作混合教学实践,对高校开放在线学习的理论框架, 技术支持和教学创新等方面的问题进行探讨和交流。


清华大学教育研究院副研究员、副院长、博士生导师。聚焦于在线教育、混合教学、数字化学习环境的理论、方法与技术。历时17年研发 “清华教育在线(THEOL)”,在400多所院校应用,大规模推动国内高校实施混合教学改革。UNESCO混合教学项目专家。