Teaching, Research, and Progress in Implementation of Blended Learning – Dr. Xibin Han

Saturday, April 15, 2017
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Xibin HanDr. Han is the Associate Research Fellow and Associate Dean of College of Educational Research at Tsinghua University. His research focuses on theory, methodology, and technology speaking to online education, blended pedagogy, and digitized learning environment. He spent 17 years in developing the Tsinghua Education Online (THEOL) which has been widely used in more than 400 institutions in China. Dr. Han is a specialist in the blended teaching program of UNESCO and his contribution has significantly pushed the reform of blended teaching in Chinese higher education institutions forward.

With the topic of Teaching, Research, and Progress in Implementation of Blended Learning, Dr. Han addressed the current status of blended learning based on the 18 years of research and practice of Tsinghua University’s Institute of Educational Technology. He proposed that higher education and professional development for teachers ought to focus on pedagogical innovations with various formats of blended learning, integration of newer models of teaching with information technology, ensuring teaching quality and branding, and developing talents with well-rounded competency.  At this forum, Dr. Han also reported the trends of blended learning both domestically and internationally, proposed the visions on research directions for blended learning, and shared several significant cases in China higher education.