Call for Reviewers

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The International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning (IJTTL) is issuing a call for reviewers and inviting scholars who are willing to serve on the review board of IJTTL. We invite reviewers who have had experiences of writing, publishing, or editing articles within the main scope of integrating technology into teaching and learning on at least five of the following related topics:

  • learning analytics
  • dynamic learning and design
  • dynamic instructional design models
  • dynamic assessment and prediction
  • VR in education
  • gamification
  • flipped learning
  • pedagogy of teaching with technology,
  • technology as a teaching strategy,
  • technology as a learning style,
  • impact of technology
  • technology and instructional design
  • design of technology integration
  • development of technology-based curriculum
  • distance education
  • exploration of the use of technology tools (Internet, multimedia/hypermedia, digital imaging, video cases?)
  • new technology tools and innovations
  • faculty development
  • technology leadership
  • assessment and evaluation
  • international and multicultural
  • Any related topics

If you are interested in serving on the IJTTL review board, please fill in the IJTTL Reviewer Data form and email

as attachments to the editor: Leping Liu at