AECT/SICET 2017 Convention

The Twelfth SICET Annual International Convention

Leading Learning for Change
Jacksonville, Florida
November 7 – November 11 2017

As one of the affiliates of AECT, SICET will have particular interest this year with a focus on creativity, creativity in teaching, research, and in design as it is applied to the field of educational technology. In keeping with the conference theme, we look forward to proposals that discuss applications of new and emerging technologies within learning contexts, suggest trends in design-based research or tips in designing learning environments, promote studies on learning analytics, MOOCs and LOOCs, and so on.

We are especially looking forward to proposals that feature relevant issues related to International or Chinese community, such as cultural differences, influence of culture on learning/learning on culture, application of certain theories or principles in a specific setting, communication issues, and so on. Traditional proposals that present findings and discuss important developments in research and practice are also welcome.

The mission of SICET is to establish and strengthen academic international connections, exchanges, research, and studies in educational technology for teaching and learning, as well as to promote the application of educational technology in Chinese education. SICET especially encourages proposals from international Chinese scholars in order to improve research in this community, mentor those new to the field, and enhance connections and relationships between Chinese and international scholars. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences, expertise and knowledge with international scholars in the field of educational technology.

In order to involve all members in the development of SICET and build members’ ownership, conference proposal review will also call for reviewers. All members who are interested in serving SICET are welcome to participate. Conference Chair and the Board will lead and facilitate the review process.

Important Dates & Submission Information:

The review process will be completed within six weeks of the proposal Closing Date.

Please feel free to distribute this call for proposal to any relevant communication channels, such as Listservs etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Dr. Lin Lin at or Dr. Andy-Guoqiang Cui at

Session Types

Concurrent Session

These 20-, 30-, or 60-minute sessions are primarily in traditional presentation format or as panel discussion group and have comprised the majority of convention sessions in past years. The focus of these sessions is on sharing information, such as best practices and research results. Proposals for 60-minute sessions may include more than one presentation (as in symposia). In addition, planners may “bundle” concurrent presentations with another of related content to form one 60-minute session.

Roundtable Session

Roundtables are designed for small group discussion of specialized topics, with the presenter leading the discussion. This participatory format allows for a highly interactive presentation lasting 60 minutes. Typically, several Roundtable discussions are scheduled simultaneously in one large room, with minimal audiovisual use.

Poster Sessions:

Posters are designed to showcase a project, program, process, activity or similar experience in an informal setting. Posters may be projects that are completed, in progress, or in their beginning stages. A small table is provided to support a display board, laptop, and handouts. Feedback and insights of colleagues on these innovative developments are especially encouraged. Posters are scheduled simultaneously with Roundtables in multiple large rooms.


Submit Proposals Electronically

To be considered, a complete proposal must be submitted electronically. A complete online proposal submission consists of:

  1. Presentation title
  2. A short (fewer than 75 words) description
  3. A 750-1000 word abstract that does not identify the presenter(s) by name or content
  4. Equipment request
  5. List of presenters


  1. Go to AECT Call for Proposal Page and Read the general Information:;
  2. After you read through the general proposal submission information, click “Proposal Login” at the bottom of left menu and you will then be directed to a new page;
  3. On the new page, click “Click to Continue” at the bottom of the page, and you will go to a login page;
  4. Login your username and password on the right side of the page (AECT/SICET Members: Please log in to this site using your Membership Number as your user name and use your Last Name as your password. First-Time Visiting Non-Members: Click the CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT);
  5. After you logged in, you can just click “Submit or Edit a Proposal” to submit or edit proposals for the 2015 AECT/SICET conference.
  6. When you submit your new proposal, please make sure you select the unit name “SICET (Society of International Chinese in Educational Technology)” to continue.
  7. Complete the requested information in the online equipment request form (if you are requesting equipment).
  8. Complete the 750-1000 word anonymous abstract, following the directions provided. Remember, it’s best to write your narrative off-line to facilitate editing and ensure accuracy.

After you submit your proposal, you will receive electronic notification that it has been received. The peer review process begins shortly after the submission deadline. This process is discussed in the next section.

Review Process

Each division will convene its own panel of peer reviewers. This panel recommends which proposals should be accepted for the convention program. They review proposals using the following rating scale and criteria:

  • Clarity of the proposal and quality of writing.
  • Quality of proposed session’s content, organization, and format.
  • Relevance, timeliness, and general interest level of the topic.
  • Match to the convention theme(s) and other demands of the program.
  • Suitability for division/affiliate or organization mission and membership.
  • Length and session type including appropriateness for needs of the convention program.

To prepare an excellent proposal, be sure to use concise language. Identify your target audience – those attendees who will find your presentation relevant and timely. Pay attention to the way you format your proposal on the electronic page. Use paragraph breaks, capital and lower case letters, standard fonts, and correct punctuation and mechanics. Be accurate. Proofread your narrative for correct spelling and eliminate typographical errors. Poorly presented proposals often do not find their way into the convention program, regardless of the worth of the content.

In order to involve all members in SICET development and build members’ ownership, conference proposal review will call for reviewers. Any member who is interested in serving SICET can apply to participate. Please click the following link and enter your information if you are interested to work as our 2016 AECT/SICET conference proposal reviewers: Applicants’ qualifications will be reviewed by the Board. Conference Chair and the Board will lead and facilitate the review process.


You will receive electronic notification that your proposal has been received and, within two months of the last date for submissions, whether it has been accepted or rejected for the convention.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be required to complete an Acceptance/Verification Form acknowledging receipt of an acceptance letter and verifying your commitment to make the presentation at AECT. Recognizing that all convention attendees are part of a shared community of research, practice, and professional growth and that convention registrations enable us to provide a strong convention, accepted proposers who do not register will not be scheduled for presentation (and thus will not appear in any printed program or other document).

It is the responsibility of the key presenter to notify all individuals involved in the presentation as to the status of the proposal. All presenters participating at convention must register in order to present. Only those who are present at the convention may submit papers that will be considered for publication in the convention proceedings.

Should your presentation be accepted for the convention, you will be asked to give permission to record your session for future AECT podcasting.



For the hotel reservation, please go to AECT Hotel Reservation page at:

See AECT’s convention website for the details.

The rates:

Student members can apply for volunteer’s position to receive the reduced registration rates. Continental breakfast and break refreshments are provided to the volunteers. For details, please visit AECT Convention Volunteers page at:

This is a great opportunity to join dual membership with SICET.


Awards for Annual Convention Presenters

To recognize our members’ scholarly endeavors and academic contribution to the community, SICET will present the following awards at the annual convention.

  1. A Best Presentation Award – SICET will grant The Best Presentation Award to a presenter who will present at SICET annual conference. The award recipient will be elected by the audience and receive a Certificate of The Best Presentation at SICET general session.
  2. A Best Paper Award – Among the full papers submitted to the AECT proceedings, a Best Paper will be selected by SICET review board. The full paper must be submitted to the SICET convention chair at the same time when it is submitted to AECT proceedings. The submission date will be announced every year before the convention. The award recipient will receive a Certificate for Best Paper at SICET general session and the paper will be submitted to one of the SICET journals for publication.
  3. A Best Student Presentation Award – The SICET Best Student Presentation Award will be granted to a student who present at SICET annual conference. The selection will be based on the evaluations from the audience. A Certificate for The Best Student Presentation will be granted at SICET general session. SICET will award the student for one-year membership. If a presentation has multiple student presenters, only the first/key student presenter will receive one-year membership for free. If the student has multiple presentations, he/she can receive one-year free student membership only.


  • The award recipient must be an active SICET member;
  • The presentation/paper must be presented at the corresponding SICET/AECT annual conference;
  • The presentation/paper must meet the criteria set in the AECT/SICET presentation/paper evaluation rubric.


AECT/SICET Conference Chair: Dr. Lin Lin,

AECT/SICET Conference Planner: Dr. Andy-Guoqiang Cui, Email:

Award Recipients in the Previous Years:

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