AECT/SICET 2021 Convention

Dear SICET Colleagues and Friends:

We invite you to submit a proposal for the 2021 AECT International Convention to be held in Chicago, Illinois, from November 2-6, 2021. As an important affiliation of AECT, SICET is dedicated to engage you in deep conversations of complex and critical issues related to learning, design, and technology that are framed in the culture of a particular social context. In keeping with the conference theme this year Homecoming (Homestaying): A Return to Learning through Innovation, we invite proposals that bring solid data, empirical evidence, and rigorous methods into the conversations about critical issues in our field at both microsystem and macrosystem levels. A broad range of proposals are welcomed, including but not limited to empirical research related to learning, design, and technology in various contexts, conceptual research that discussed important issues in our field, design case that describes the design and development process of a certain case. High quality literature reviews, theoretical papers, and ongoing projects with preliminary results are all welcomed.

To be considered, a complete proposal must be submitted electronically, A complete online proposal submission consists of:

  1. Presentation title
  2. Description of the session (Maximum of 75 words)
  3. An Anonymous Abstract (750-1,000 words)
  4. List of actual presenters and contributors to your presentation

A complete proposal should be in one of the following session types. Proposers can submit an unlimited number of proposals and can present an unlimited number of times at the convention as registrants.
● Fee-based Workshops (Rideshare)
● Concurrent Sessions (Glee Club)
● Panel Sessions (Flash Mob)
● Poster Sessions (Promenade)
● Roundtable Sessions (Bonfires)
● Featured Research Sessions (Tweetup)
● Showcase (Tailgate Party)

The proposal system is available at All proposals are due on March 31,11:59 PM (PST) 2021.

The mission of the SICET is to establish and strengthen international academic connections, exchanges, research, and
scholarship among members in educational technology, advocate the application of technology in educational settings as well as to promote the international collaboration of members and other scholars in the field. SICET especially encourages proposals from international scholars across nations to improve research in this community, mentor those new to the field, and enhance connections and relationships between Chinese and international scholars. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences, expertise, and knowledge with international scholars in the field of learning, design, and technology. To present at AECT/SICET, an active SICET membership is required. SICET will award its best proposal, best presentation, and best paper to SICET member presenters. Active SICET members are also qualified for AECT dual membership, which allows SICET members to join AECT membership at a 50% rate. The cost for SICET/AECT dual membership is lower than the sole AECT regular membership.

SICET members are also invited to serve as reviewers for the conference proposals. If you are interested in reviewing proposals for us, please leave your name and contact information in this survey and follow the steps below to register as a conference reviewer:

• STEP 1. Go to AECT Convention portal:
• STEP 2. On the bottom left, click on “Proposal Submission”.
• STEP 3. Log in using your AECT credentials.
• STEP 4. Click “Volunteer to Review” in your Submitter Menu.
• STEP 5. Make sure your “Personal Information” is up to date, providing information under “Qualifications” that will
be helpful is assigning proposals for your review (e.g., position/ experience and areas of expertise). Click “Accept and
• STEP 6. Click the checkbox next to “SICET” and then click “Accept and Continue”.
• STEP 7. Verify the information that you entered on the “Volunteer Report” page, and then click “Accept and Continue”.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact AECT/SICET conference planning team at

Best Regards,

2021 AECT/SICET Planning Committee: Zui Cheng, Miaoting Cheng, Qian Xu, Yueh-Min Huang, Nanxi Meng

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