AECT/SICET 2022 Convention

Dear SICET Colleagues and Friends:

You are cordially invited to submit proposals for the 2022 AECT International Convention to be held in Las Vegas, from October 24-28, 2022.



The mission of the SICET is to establish and strengthen international academic connections, exchanges, research, and scholarship among members in educational technology, advocate the application of technology in educational settings as well as to promote the international collaboration of members and other scholars in the field. SICET especially encourages proposals from international scholars across nations to improve research in this community, mentor those new to the field, and enhance connections and relationships between Chinese and international scholars. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences, expertise, and knowledge with international scholars in the field of learning, design, and technology. To present at AECT/SICET, an active SICET membership is required.


The 2022 AECT International Convention specifically invites us all to reflect on this central question: How does my work impact student learning? A broad range of proposals are welcomed around the conference theme: “Impacting Student Learning”, including but not limited to empirical research related to learning, design, and technology in various contexts, conceptual research that discusses important issues in our field, design case that describes the design and development process of a certain case with focus around the conference theme. High quality literature reviews, theoretical papers, and ongoing projects with preliminary results are all welcomed.


Each complete online proposal submission should consist of:
1. Presentation title
2. Description of the session (Maximum of 75 words)
3. An Anonymous Abstract (750-1,000 words)
4. List of actual presenters and contributors to your presentation.

For To be considered, a complete proposal must be submitted electronically, and in one of the following session types:
· Concurrent Sessions
· Panel Sessions
· Poster Sessions
· Roundtable Sessions
· Impact Design Sessions– Please refer to AECT Call for Proposal for more information


All proposals will be scored according to the following core criteria in alignment with AECT proposal scoring rubric. Criterion and Points are listed below: 

  • Explicit discussion of how the topic impacts student learning – 10 points
  • Significance of the contribution to research, theory, or practice on the topic – 5 points
  • Timeliness and general interest level of the topic – 5 points
  • Clarity of writing – 5 points


● Dec 1, 2021 – This Call for Papers is published.
● Feb 21, 2022 – Proposals Are Due (note: there will not be a deadline extension).
● Apr 4, 2022 – Proposal Reviews Are Complete.
● April 25, 2022 – Accept / Reject Email Notifications will be sent on this day.
● June 6, 2022 The Final Program Is Published.


Presentations can be made either face-to-face at the venue in Las Vegas or remotely. Both modes of presentation will be viewable by both in-person and remote convention attendees. You will need to choose whether you will present F2F or Remote when submitting your proposal. Once your proposal has been submitted this choice cannot be changed due to the incredible complexity these changes introduce into the planning and scheduling process.


To involve all members in the development of SICET and build members’ ownership, conference proposal review will also call for reviewers. All members who are interested in serving SICET are welcome to participate. Acting a proposal reviewer benefits the division, and it also benefits you! Reviewing proposals allows you to serve as an active member of the division, provides insight into the processes of AECT, and acts as a valuable activity that may be added to your curriculum vitae. Please click here to fill the form to volunteer to review proposals. Here are steps to register as a conference reviewer: 

• STEP 1. Go to AECT Convention portal:
• STEP 2. On the bottom left, click on “Proposal Submission”.
• STEP 3. Log in using your AECT credentials.
• STEP 4. Click “Volunteer to Review” in your Submitter Menu.
• STEP 5. Make sure your “Personal Information” is up to date, providing information under “Qualifications” that will be helpful is assigning proposals for your review (e.g., position/ experience and areas of expertise). Click “Accept and Continue”.
• STEP 6. Click the checkbox next to “SICET” and then click “Accept and Continue”.
• STEP 7. Verify the information that you entered on the “Volunteer Report” page, and then click “Accept and Continue”.


SICET will award its Best Proposal, Best Presentation, and Best Paper to SICET member presenters. Active SICET members are also qualified for AECT dual membership, which allows SICET members to join AECT membership at a 50% rate. The cost for SICET/AECT dual membership is lower than the sole AECT regular membership.


Thank you for your continued commitment to the development of the field and contributing to the professional community. Again, we look forward to your research on impacting student learning in SICET/AECT 2022!

Please direct questions regarding proposals to the Society of International Chinese in Educational Technology to Xiaojun (June) Chen at:


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