Online Academic Forums

sicetzhiboTo provide better service for SICET members as well as faculty, researchers, and students in the field of education, SICET hosts free Online Academic Forum series whereby well-known prestigious experts will bring in the latest trends and products of the field. The purpose of the Online Academic Forum series is to help faculty, researchers, and students move towards the cutting edge of academia, improve the academic literacy, get informed of the latest research trend, and share the newest research findings and products.

Please view more details at: Online Academic Forum series.

SICET will send out the announcement before the online academic forum. If you would like to attend, please refer the link above (or click here) to interact simultaneously with the speaker and other attendees. If you cannot attend, do not worry at all because SICET records the session and any SICET members can check out the recorded sessions whenever they want.

Below please find out a schedule of the Online Academic Forum Series.

  • Gwo-Jen Hwang – The research trend and topics about Flipped Classroom (View the Recorded Session)
  • Li Yuan – Blended formats in open courses: Exploring Chinese and Foreign collaborative instruction (View the Recorded Session)
  • Jun-ming Su – Adaptive learning and assessment diagnosis (View the Recorded Session)
  • Hui-Chun Chu – The mode and implications of integrating action-based learning (View the Recorded Session)
  • Li Chen – Interactive Principles of Online Learning (View the Recorded Session)
  • Weiyuan Zhang – Writing scholarly papers
  • Lin Lin – Digital media multitasking and learning
  • Xiaojun Chen – The application of STEM in Big Data
  • Xibin Han – Online and offline blended learning
  • Shuyan Wang – Motivating Active Learning by Blogfolio
  • Zuochen Zhang – How to collect and analyze qualitative data
  • Juhong Liu – Assessment in online learning: Strategies and methods
  • Yuping Wang – Synchronizing teaching and learning in online environment