IJTTL 2009

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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2009

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Multimedia Teaching with Video Clips: TV, Movies, YouTube, and mtvU in the College Classroom 
Ronald A. Berk 01-21

2. Using Technology to Support Learning in a First Grade Animal and Habitat Project 
Keith Wetzel, Teresa Foulger, Chris Rathkey, & Sasha Mitchell 22-36

3. Examining Student Perceptions of Technology Skills before and after an Introductory Educational Technology Course: A Three-Year Case Study 
Richard Hartshorne, Greg Miller, & John Gretes 37-48

4. Learning to Teach with Information and Communication Technology in a Teacher Induction Program 
Kai-Ming Li & Ming-Yan Ngan 49-61

5. Students’ Experiences of Mathematics Learning in Technology Integrated Classrooms 
Xin Liang & Qiong Zhou 62-74

6. Podcast: An Additional Content Delivery Method for College Students 
Michael Gibbs, Georgia Bracey, & Pamela Gay 75-92

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2009

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Padagogical ID versus Process ID: Two Perspectives in Contemporary Instructional Design Theory 
Jerry Willis 93-105

2. Evaluating the Intention to Use Technology among Student Teachers: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach 
Timothy Teo 106-118

3. Leveraging the Potential of Design-Based Research to Improve Reflective Thinking in an Educational Assessment System 
Guolin Lai, Brendan Calandra, & Yuxin Ma 119-137

4. Teacher Beliefs and Student Achievement in Technology-Rich Classroom Environments 
Kelly Glassett & Lynne Schrum 138-153

5. Exploring How Experienced Online Instructors Use Integrative Learning Technologies to Support Self-Regulated Learning 
Nada Dabbagh & Anastasia Kitsantas 154-168

6. eMentoring: Connecting Teacher Candidates with K-12 Students from Urban Schools 
Chris Penny & David Bolton 169-181

7. Information Technology in Education: The Need for Skepticism 
Cleborne Maddux 182-190