IJTTL 2011

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Volume 7, Issue 1, 2011

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. From TPACK Concept to TPACK Practice: An Analysis of the Suitability and 
Usefulness of the Concept as a Guide in the Real World of Teacher Development

Joseph McGrath, Gertrude Karabas & Jerry Willis 1-23

2. Research on PowerPoint: From Basic Features to Multimedia
Ronald A. Berk 24-35

3. Learning to Teach History through Documentary Making: 
A History Teacher’s Professional Development

Bruce Fehn 36-47

4. Using Computer Assisted Qualitative Software (CAQDAS) 
to Evaluate a Novel Teaching Method for Introductory Statistics

Livia M. D’Andrea, Charley Waters & Rebecca Rudd 48-60

5. Assessing Adult Learners Using Web 2.0 Technologies
Victor C. X. Wang & Beth Kania-Gosche 61-78

6. Preparing High School Students for College Biomedical Engineering 
through Laboratory Technology Activities

Leping Liu, Xiaoshan Zhu, Yantao Shen, & Wenzhen Li 79-92

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2011

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Factors Influencing Students’ Preference to Online Learning: 
Development of an Initial Propensity Model

Leping Liu 93-108

2. Perceptions, Interest, and Use: Teachers and Web 2.0 Tools in Education
Steve Chi-Yin Yuen, Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, & Patrivan K. Yuen 109-123

3. Integration of Weblogs in Developing Language Skills of ESL Learners
Dilani S. P. Gedera 124-135

4. Introducing New Technology to Teachers: A Pilot Evaluation
Yu-Liang Ting 136-151

5. Constraints and Affordances of a Collaborative Online Tool 
in Language Teacher Education

Carolin Fuchs 152-173

6. A Nook or a Book? Comparing College Students’ 
Reading Comprehension Levels, Critical Reading, and Study Skills

Jordan T. Schugar, Heather Schugar, & Christian Penny 174-192