IJTTL 2013

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Volume 9, Issue 1, 2013

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Characteristics of Kindergarten Teacher in the Information and 
Communication Technologies Environment: A Path Analysis

Noga Magen-Nagar, Esther Firstater & Nitza Schwasbky 1-17

2. Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Skills, Level of Comfort, 
and Perceived Benefit of Using Technology for Learning

Liyan Song, Sarah Lohnes Watulak, Olga Kritskaya & Douglas Elmendorf 18 -36

3. Innovation and Web 2.0 in Business Education: Student Usage, 
Experiences with, and Interest in Adopting Web 2.0 Tools

Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Amy Thornton, & John Lieu 37-63

4. V-SPACE: Training Teachers to Use iPads to Create Virtual Spaces 
for Accessing Content in English

Julie C. Baker, Janet K. Isbell, Jeremy Wendt & Brenda Wilson 64-80

5. Beliefs of District Administrators Regarding Student Technology Use
David Wizer 81-95

6. Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Motion-based Video Gaming 
in Physical Education

Seth E. Jenny, Glenn F. Hushman & Carolyn J. Hushman 96-111

Volume 9, Issue 2, 2013

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Distance Education in Teacher Preparation Programs: A National Study
Laura Corbin Frazier & William A. Sadera 112-138

2. Are Design Elements in Blended Learning Courses Factors of Student Completion Rate?
Robert Newbury 139-158

3. Effects of Computer and Multimedia Software on Iranian high School Students’ 
Learning and Perceptions of Chemistry Classroom Environments 

Zahra Eskandari & Nabi. A. Ebrahimi 159-172

4. How English-Language Arts Teachers Perceive and Use New Media in Schools Today
Lasisi Ajayi 173-188

5. Linking the Educational Principles of Multiplayer Gaming and Play to Common Core Strategies
Brian J. Kooiman, Heeja Kim, Wenling Li & Michael Wesolek 189-204