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Volume 11, Issue 1, 2015

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Data Mining in Online Professional Development Program Evaluation: An Exploratory Case Study
Kerry Rice & Jui-Long Hung                                                                                                                    1-20

2. The Impact of iPads on Teacher Educator Practice: A Collaborative Professional Development Initiative 
Michelle Vaughan, Courtney Beers & Gail Burnaford                                                                       21-34

3. Motion-Based Video Game and Authentic Wall/Rock Climbing: Motivations and Perceptions of Novice Climbers
Seth E. Jenny & David P. Schary                                                                                                           35-49

4. Pressure, Parental Socioeconomic Status, and Cybercrime Habit among University Undergraduates in Southwestern Nigeria
Muraina Monsuru Babatunde & Muraina Kamilu Olanrewaju                                                      50-59

5. Social Justice Reasoning of Education Undergraduates: Effects of Instruction in Moral Development 
Theory and Dilemma Discussion in the Asynchronous Online Classroom

Patrick E. Bell & Leping Liu                                                                                                                    60-75

Volume 11, Issue 2, 2015

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Digital Fabrication and Hidden Inequalities: Connecting Procedural, Factual, and Conceptual Knowledge
Sergei Abramovich & Michael L. Connell                                                                                           76-89

2. Impact of Technology Devices on College Students’ Stress Levels of Using Technology
Jie Zhang, Theresa J. Russo & Moira A. Fallon                                                                                90-103

3. Examining Digital Innovation in K-12 Schools: Variances Related to Identified School Typologies
Savilla Banister & Rachel Vannatta Reinhart                                                                                  104-114

4. A Quantitative Examination of Generational Differences in e-learning at A Hispanic-Serving Institution
Cheng-Chang “Sam” Pan, Ming-Tsan Pierre Lu & Ming-Hsiu Tsai                                            115-129

5. Project-Based Teaching for Information Technology Students in Africa: A Case Report
Ngatchu Damen Nyinkeu, Clive Tsuma Katiba & Ngatchu Henry                                             130-139