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Volume 15, Issue 1, 2019

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)

1. Effects of Social Media Usage on Social Integration of University Students
Youqin Pan, Linda Coleman, Saverio Manago & David Goodof                                        1-17

2. Pet Avatars, Performance Visualization, and Social Presence
Nicole Wang, Andrea Gregg, Marin K.-C. Yeh, Rebecca Heiser & William C. Diehl         18-31

3. Exploring Different Needs of Digital Immigrant and Native Teachers for Technology Professional Development in China
Yi Li, Qiu Wang & Jing Lei                                                                                                         32-48

4. Content Analysis of Statistical Power in Educational Technology Research: Sample Size Matters
Li-Ting Chen & Leping Liu                                                                                                        49-75

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2019/2020

Table of Contents (all articles are in PDF format)  

1. Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Efficacy of Interdisciplinary Team Teaching through the Use of Collaborative Concept Map  

Xiaojun Chen                                                               76 – 94

2. Examining K-12 Students’ Preferences and Attitudes on Mobile Learning

Tuncer Can, Sevda Kucuk & Irfan Simsek                95 – 108

3. Differences in Academic Achievements among High School Graduates from Four Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Areas

Christopher Micheals & Leping Liu                         109 – 125

4. Are Students Relying on Scripts in Their Oral Presentations Online?

Leeann Chen & Hong Zhan                                       126 – 146

**This issue is published in 2020**