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IJTTL is inviting manuscripts under the main scope of integrating technology into teaching and learning on all related topics.

Suggested Topics

  • learning analytics in the filed of using info tech in education
  • dynamic learning with technology
  • dynamic instructional design
  • dynamic assessment and prediction of technology-based learning
  • gamification
  • VR (virtual reality) in education
  • flipped learning
  • pedagogy of teaching with technology,
  • technology as a teaching strategy,
  • technology as a learning style,
  • impact of technology
  • technology and instructional design
  • design of technology integration
  • development of technology-based curriculum
  • distance education
  • exploration of the use of technology tools (Internet, multimedia/hypermedia, digital imaging, video cases?)
  • new technology tools and innovations
  • faculty development
  • technology leadership
  • assessment and evaluation
  • international and multicultural
  • STEM education
  • Any related topics